Welcome on a tour into the world of AXA, a world devoted to making leather fashion an integral part of your everyday life.

Our Factory is located in Vaniyambadi, Vellore district, Tamil Nadu-INDIA, We are a reputed manufacturer of high quality Leather Garments. We have been in this business for more than a decade and we have various customers across France, Germany, Italy, U.K, Spain, Sweden, U.S.A, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Hong Kong. will vouch for the high quality and prompt delivery of our Leather Garments.We use the best quality goat, sheep and cow leather in varied finishes to produce top of the line Jackets, Coats, Blazers, Skirts and Pants. We believe in keeping things simple yet modern and our 100 + employees are a testament to our team building effort & working in a serene environment with modern machinery. We have not sacrificed our concepts of quality while attaining this auspicious position. Every order is manufactured as per our Clients’ requirement and we adhere to the strictest delivery schedules. Send us your enquiry, big or small and we will respond as only we can.
At Present, the Company manufacturers for various Brands spanning in countries like Spain, Germany, France, Italy, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, US & Russia. Today, our productis sold at over 10000 points of sale. Some are wholesale partners while others are direct stores and major retail brands. We has grown dynamically via placing strategic partners, in all major countries, who provide localized service to all its customer base.




we at AXA - LEATHER GROUP,proudly presents itself as a leading leather manufacturer and leather garments. designed as per the latest trends and fashion, our garments are a hit among all the fashion conscious men's and women's of today ,established in Vaniyambadi india . we started our business as a 100% export oriented company manufacturing leather garments.We has successfully graduated to become synonymous in quality with a reliable tanners,importers, manufacturers and exporters of Leather Fashion Garments globally .All items that we manufacture portray the designs that are trendy and very popular in global market. We take immense pleasure in fulfilling customer’s request and offer customization across our products


At AXA - LEATHER GROUP,we have in-house production facility, supported by latest machineries, tools and implementing best quality management which is most important to remain as one of the leading industry players in international market. AXA - LEATHER GROUP takes pride of delivering fashionable professional gift items which includes corporate leather wallet, unique corporate gifts, employees corporate gifts,promotional leather wallets, leather card holder, key cases, coin purses, pouches,spectacles cases etc..

If you want to create unique designs, then you need to stay true to your own aesthetic.

Our Manufacturing facility which is spread across 50,000 sq ft of
well demarcated space.


AXA - produces a substantial share of its leather clothing range of leather made in our own tanneries. And in addition it is well supported by and affiliated to efficient tanneries in Vaniyambadi and Ranipet - the heart of India’s leather industry. Our tanneries specialize in the production of Goat, Sheep, Lamb and cow leather. Our Tanneries produce a wide variety of leather covering Drum Dyed Napas, Vegetable based Napas, Light weight Napas, Suedes and Napalans as per customer choice and preference. Different finishes to leather has been mastered at AXA Leathers to provide the washed look, the vintage look, the burnish effect and many more interesting choices on leather garments & goods.


Our garment manufacturing unit employs over 100 skilled and semi- skilled workers to produce garments of the highest quality. Our company’s close proximity and easy access to our own tanneries enables us to run at optimum capacity throughout the year. We have Over 100 state of the art sewing machines manned by professional tailors to produce over 36,000 garments per annum. Our factory is well demarcated and divided into four departments: 1. Leather Stores and Cutting Department 2. Tailoring and Pasting Department 3. Quality Control and Packing Department 4. Administrative Department. With great emphasis being laid on team work, all departments function tirelessly with only one common goal to achieve – “A high quality product for a satisfied customer”


Our Buyers are our partners in business. Our product and services will not only meet buyer expectations but also aim at getting repeat business from our buyers through enhanced buyer satisfaction. We endeavor to keep on improving the effectiveness of our quality management system and achieve this by supplying on time, consistently. We learn from mistakes and reduce the number of errors made, thereby improving our efficiency and the quality of our processes and products.

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.



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